Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Tamagotchi Music Star

       This is my most recent Tamagotchi. I've spend hours trying to fix this darn website so I could get it up and running. Finally, my first post! I am going to dedicate this blog to Tamagotchis. I only have one right now, it looks exactly like the photo above. :) I just ordered a Tamagotchi ID L Pink, though. I am so excited! I can't wait! It's so pink and sparkly. 
Just like my favorite Tamagotchi! Memetchi! Well, her eyes are sparkly! :3
     :D I'm on my 2nd generation right now. I have a Ichigotchi right now. I always get her, because I never take care of my Tamagotchis perfectly. But when I get the new one I hope to do that. The father of my tamagotchi was Shimashimatchi. I love him, he's so adorable and cute! 

    See? Isn't he adorable?! But, I digress, he used to be the monkey Kikitchi before he evolved into that. I liked both of them. I was born year of the monkey, so that's why I love associating myself with cute monkey photos. Just because I'm proud to be a monkey. :)
      This Tamagotchi matchmaker (Guitaritchi) mated my Shimashimatchi with Makiko. It was so cute. Before, he showed up when I clicked the door icon and gave me 50,000 points! Yeah, fifty thousand!! O.O; Then when I had the child, he gave me another 50k in points! I was so rich!! I bought so much food! But sadly, I couldn't keep the money when my baby's parents left after a day. I was broke again, but I still don't have any points! I just don't. I am not sure why this is. But we will see.

      Okay, my computer camera is lame, so I can't take any photos of my own yet. But I hope to someday.

This is the growth chart for V6!
~I do not own any of these photos, these are from various sources~