Monday, January 9, 2012

Memetchi Pet Pouch

Sorry for the blurry photos. I took them with my webcam. I just got this tamagotchi pet pouch in the mail today, it was really great.  I love it. It's so cute! :)

This is my Memetchi tamagotchi pet pouch

This is the side view of the toy

This is the back, it says "Tamagotchi" on it in light purple

This is the inside of the pet pouch, as you can see, it can only hold normal tamagotchis

This is the lanyard, it says "Tamagotchi" on it and has small and big purple flowers

The back has my tamagotchi in it, it doesn't hold it completely inside but it protects the screen well enough

There was no photos as far as I could see that had these type of photos for the tamagotchi pet pouch, so I decided to post them on here, for people to see if they'd like to get one.